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Flying Interactive

We value your games as much as you do!

Game Design Assitance, QA,

General Consultant, Localisation

Publishing Assitance, Distribution

Business Development Consulting,

Product Strategy

General PR Services, Promotions

Exhibition Administration & Representation

José Ginés Picón López, Valhalla Cats

I had the pleasure to work with Flying Interactive in The Purring Quest. They are very responsible, professional and demonstrated a great interest and dedication. Without doubt we recommend them unconditionally.

Scott Matott,

With The Love Studios

Flying Interactive has been fantastic to work with!

They've worked tirelessly to promote Instant Dungeon! shepherding it through Greenlight, taking it to shows, getting it in front of critics and youtubers.

On the creative side, they've provided great feedback when asked but have never, ever pressured me to change my games in any way. On the financial side, they've been completely transparent and totally reliable. 


Overall, they've been just great and I feel very lucky to have them as a partner!

Emmanuel Ramos,


Flying Interactive reached me during my first released game Into The Gloom, now it is featured in most of the major online gaming stores. Your game is at good hands, thanks to them all I have to worry about now is just developing my games.

Our Services
Flying Interactive Production | Game Design Assistance, QA, Funding, General Consultant, Visual, Localization

We love playing games too and our team understands the needs of gamers. We use that knowledge to provide wide range of services to help you make the best version of your game from design assistance and consultancy to localisation and QA.

Flying Interactive Business | Business development consulting, Market analysis, Product strategy

Creation and execution of marketing strategy is critical to your success. Our services are provided to you to ensure you get the pricing right, launch your game on the right date and protect your products value. Information you need about all major store fronts before you go to market.

Either you need to take your game to market across major sales channels or you just need to expand your digital distribution opportunities, we offer worldwide digital publishing assistance and distribution solutions tailored to your needs.

Flying Interactive PR | General PR Services, Promotions, Exhibiton Organizations and representation

Our PR services focuses on getting your game seen by media, video sites or directly by gamer audience at exhibitions and events. We also handle the communication to make sure your press/review copies are in the right hands and delivered to valid identitites.

News from Flying Interactive

Video and Let's Play monetization policy

Our video and Let's play policy has been updated - May 2017

We're at PC Gamer Weekender 2017

Flying Interactive at PC Gamer Weekender

Flying Interactive is at PC Gamer Weekender 2017 event between 18-19 February 2017 at Olympia London.

Flying Interactive is a


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